Hello and welcome to our Web Site!


When people ask me what I do, the answer depends upon the person. 

I believe my purpose is to help people make life changing financial

choices for a secure future.  31 years of experience has shown me

that a wrong financial choice could be devastating to an entire family

and procrastination is often the biggest problem.  The gift I owe my clients

is a wake-up call to create their own legacies NOW with intentionality.


Nothing is more important than protecting the tangible and intangible

assets of our families.  The plans made today can affect hundreds of

descendants and the world.  I believe when all is said and done, beyond

the Investments and Insurance, beyond the Social Security,  Retirement, and

Philanthropy Planning, people want to know they have lived a life of significance and

have made a difference.


Perhaps consider attending one of the upcoming classes scheduled in your area

through my affiliation as a financial coach for AFEA .... "American Financial Education

Alliance".....  We live in a prosperous nation with too many people living

in poverty.  It simply doesn't have to be that way.  I can help.